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Soil Testing Guys is offering you the most reliable soil testing services conducted using modern equipment and under the watchful eyes of highly experienced soil scientists. If you want to put your gardens into good us, it is imperative that you understand the detailed composition of the soil as this will dictate as to whether you will get anything meaningful from the gardens. We are here to help you determine just that so that you can make the most out of your investment.


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Soil Testing Guys in is offering you unparalleled soil testing services that you can rely on to better understand the properties of yours soils besides giving you the ability to make the right decisions with regards to the choice of crops. This knowledge will give the chance to increase your harvests or improve the health of your gardens. Before you can make the final decision to start using your lands or gardens for growing crops, give us a call on 888-739-5120 so that we can run important tests to determine the suitability of your soils for the propagation of the crops or trees you have in mind.


Modern soil testing equipment

When it comes to soil testing we are proud that we possess the most modern testing equipment. This in turn gives us the ability to quickly conduct tests and release results as soon as possible. But it’s not only the efficiency that you enjoy from our modern equipment. They give the correct analysis of all the samples so that you can get equipped with the accurate information you need to make right decisions. Soil Testing Guys has a perpetual commitment to offer you with the highest soil testing services in the whole state.

Call us today at 888-739-5120 and find out how our soil testing services can be of use to you.

We offer a number of soil testing services including but not limited to-:

The Squeeze Test

In order to understand the physical composition of the soil you want to use, the squeeze test is one of the basic soil tests that we can do for. This is a simple test to help you determine the predominant type of soil in your garden with reference to sand, clay and loamy. Based on the findings from this test, inferences on other soil properties can be drawn. These include water holding capacity,, the nutrient content as well as the amount of moisture present. Soil Testing Guys is endowed with the right equipment to conduct such a test and present you with accurate and reliable results.

The Percolation Tests

The percolation test is aimed at determining the difficulty or ease with which water moves down the soil. This knowledge is important as it will form the major guidelines on the amount of water as well as the watering period you need in case you are thinking of irrigating the land. Depending on the results also, you will be able to determine the exact type of crops that can do well under such conditions. As a result therefore, you will avoid planting your gardens blindly but only use the particular plants or crops that you are certain will perform better. This is one of the soil testing services that you can easily do with the services offered by Soil Testing Guys.

The pH Test

Testing the soil’s pH levels is very important since it ties together different components of the soil which will ultimately determine the suitability of growing crops on that particular soil. soil testing revolving around pH normally requires sophisticated type of equipment so that the appropriate readings of the acidity or alkalinity of the soil can be determined. But here at Soil Testing Guys, we have the most modern soil testing equipment that will utilize very little time while giving extremely accurate results. Therefore if you need to know about the acid levels of your soil, simply get in touch with us at 888-739-5120 and we will be excited to conduct the tests and present you with the accurate results.

The Worm Test

The presence of worms is an indicator on the overall health of the soil. This is because worms will only survive in healthy soils where they have enough oxygen, nutrients and moisture. The information is vital in deciding whether or not you will need to add fertilizers to improve the health of your soil. Contact us today if you want to know how healthy and suitable your soil is for the crops that you intend to grow.

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