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Soil Testing Guys boasts of having one of the most reliable soil testing centers that has helped thousands of farmers and individuals in making the right choice with regards to the use of their lands. We have managed to become a market leader in this arena due to our commitment to excellence, the use of state of the art equipment, fast service delivery, and flexible pricing. If you need any aspect of soil testing, give us a call on 888-739-5120 and we will be glad to conduct the tests for you and present you with accurate and reliable test results.

Commitment to excellence

We know that your desire to get the best out of your lands is a long term endeavor and the decisions you make at the time of choosing the crop to plant is usually very important. Due to this, Soil Testing Guys is committed to offering you with high quality soil testing services so that you can make informed decision to avoid the pain and embarrassment that comes with planting crops that won’t do well in the given soils. Our commitment is to help you get going on the right path to good productivity in your gardens.

State of the art facilities

Soil Testing Guys has acquired modern equipment that is not only efficient but also accurate in giving correct analysis of whatever tests are run. These state of the art facilities will therefore guarantee that you have all the important information you need to make informed choices on the use of your soil. It completely eliminates guesswork and gives you the opportunity to deal with facts and facts alone. If you need correct analysis of your soil samples using modern technology, simply give us a call at 888-739-5120 so that we can organize for the lab session.

Flexible Pricing

The qualifications of our staff and the machines that we have invested in give us all the rights to charge premium amounts for our services, but fortunately for you we have designed very flexible price structures that will make virtually everyone who needs our services to have access. We guarantee that you won ’t find a soil testing company that offer high quality services like at the same prices. This is our own unique way of thanking you for making us your preferred soil testing company and also giving a chance to get all the necessary information you need about your soils.

Efficient service delivery

As a reputable soil testing company, we strive at all times to make it very efficient for you to get our services. We have a hassle free appointment process and we will book your samples for the lab testing without any delays. As an additional service, we even dispatch our own technicians to come and collect the soil samples from you sites as you might not have the right tools and skills to collect samples in situ.

Call us today

Soil Testing Guys has an open door policy where you can walk in at any time and make whatever inquiries you might have. Our customer care department is very welcoming and they will be eager to furnish you with all the information you may be in need of. You can alternatively contact us via telephone at 888-739-5120 for quick and efficient responses.

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